Published // Artist 'Youngr" for Vulkan Magazine by Mathew Guido

A songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist; YOUNGR has achieved a vast amount of success during his time in PICTURE BOOK, and also as a solo artist. VULKAN sat down with the musician to get the deets on his progress, life as it is currently, and what we can expect in the future!

Check out the full Interview and article by clicking here

Update // Applied Arts Award received for Eye Candy by Mathew Guido

Wanted to share that I recently received an Applied Arts Awards for my editorial Eye Candy. This shoot has had such a wonderful reception and I couldn't be happier. I pushed myself to take a risk and shoot this entire editorial using available neon light from storefronts in Chinatown Toronto.

 I am mainly known for my dark dramatic monotone aesthetic, so feels great to finally start using colour this way. I am beyond excited to share my new body of work with you all over the next few months as things are released! stay tuned!:)


YouTube // Intro to my channel by Mathew Guido

Hello Everyone!

Wanted to introduce my first YouTube channel that I just created, I have been working in the photography industry for the past 10 years and am hoping to share some of the lessons I have learned along the way so other artist's can get the inside scoop of this crazy career and journey. 

I have had a lot of success shooting creatively and commercially without compromising my art style in my work so I thought there might be some value in sharing some of the methods for others trying to do the same thing.

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while so your support is appreciated as I get started.


Feature // Profiled on Spanish Blog 'Area Visual' by Mathew Guido

Resident in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), Mathew Guido is a photographer specializing in editorial photography, advertising, portraits and product.

Through his portraits, he tries to capture the complexity of human emotions. Captivated by Renaissance art and Japanese anime, the artist is currently exploring the portrait by creating images that tell a story and leave a memorable impression on the viewer.

You can see more photos of Mathew Guido in his Behance portfolio, on his personal website and follow his updates on Twitter account @mathewguido.

Feature // Nice words on 'Eye Candy' from German Online Magazine 'Langweiledich' by Mathew Guido

I used Google to Translate the words so bear with!

"First of all: wow! The face of Model Naro Lokuruka is very good for these large-glass spectacle portraits, the photographer Mathew Guido for the "Already! Magazines ". But also far away from this wonderfully illuminated first four motifs here the Canadian has very considerable work at the start. Fashion, editorial, musician portrait - a lot, here a small selection."

Feature // Spotlight on 'Eye Candy' from Inspiration Grid by Mathew Guido

Update // 'Go West Young Man' published with Schön! Magazine by Mathew Guido

Photographer Mathew Guido captures pared-down portraits of model Josh Mario John in this Schön! online editorial. It’s a rock & roll ride, with tattoos and rocker apparel a-plenty, with stylist Mark John Tripp fashioning wild looks with Diesel, BLK DNM and Dr. Marten’s.

This Schön! online exclusive editorial was produced by